Will Froelich


Will Froelich

UI/UX/Frontend/iOS in Los Angeles, CA

{ "title": "Wallsome", "data": "03/13/2013", "hidden": false } Wallsome

The Goal

Design an e-commerce store that's easy to maintain while providing highly customizable products increasing user confidence and conversions.

The Problem

Custom sizing and wall mockup

The client had access to a large collection of wall decor and manufacturing available to produce it in custom dimensions. While there were e-commerce solutions available to provide this customization but none were able to show the customer just what they're buying.

We identified this as the major pain point to customer conversion. We needed a way to make the ordering process extremely customized while maintaining the flexibility to easily manage the large inventory and process custom orders.

The "Must Haves"

The Process

Design your personal icon and see it on the wall

Working with a designer we devised a set of tools that would be customizable and very easy to use. We built a simple prototype to understand how the flow would work and the design flowed from there.

We built the store on the Shopify platform and created a custom backend application to support the high level of custom products and production process.

My Contribution

I was the developer on this project working with a designer. I build the Shopify theme in their liquid template language, and a web app on top of it with javascript. Due to the nature of Shopify's inventory system I also had to build and deploy many supporting tools to help create and edit products.

The backend tool was build on the FuelPHP framework and integrates Shopify's API to create a seamless experience for Wallsome's employees.


It was a challenging experience balancing all the moving parts in this project. From dealing with Shopify's inventory system to building out backend tooling to support the customization, all while designing, testing and iterating on the frontend app.