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ABC Timeline

Will Froelich

UI/UX/Frontend/iOS in Los Angeles, CA

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ABC Timeline

Disney ABC Timelines

The Goal

Create a highly customizable platform for various Disney properties to tell engaging stories with minimal technical input.

The Problem

Under the ABC media group, many different brands and properties all need to generated engaging content. Patterns start to emerge where time is being used and creating reusable components will help multiple groups for the single development cost.

Rendering data into a time based experience wasn't an easy task. Especially when you want it to be engaging and interactive with various types of content.

The "Must Haves"

The Process

I was brought in after the initial concept stage. I was shown the problem and given direction on what types of content to support. From there I build a number of initial interaction tests to discover the best method to navigate the timeline.

I also started to consider how this could be customized and migrated to different environments.

My Contribution

I was the sole developer for this project. Working from the initial concept I build many interaction tests to decide on the direction. I iterated on different layouts and navigation systems, ultimately arriving at a product that ticked the most boxes for each media group.

This was done is 2009, so I wrote it in Flash Actionscript. The configuration used XMl and HTML for formatting and CSS for styling. I also wrote an engine to adapt the CSS into a flash layout (where possible.) I also built a Javscript loader script to make connecting the component to a variety of setups and ad services easier and more resilient.


This was one of my early prototype projects. It helped to shape how I would work in a prototype driven development cycle.